Field work – Sampling

Collaboration with scientific expeditions for field work
(sample collection, inventory, seed collection, seed collection of remarkable trees…).

Once the project is explained and the technical details settled, climbers make themselves
available to researchers for assisting during the climbing, for taking samples or
measurements or performing any for the project required climbing action.

Installation of equipment

For project requiring to stay for a long time in the tree, equipments can be installed
in the heights (nets, tents) to assure certain comfort.

We offer to organize the proper equipment for the job.
Choosing, buying and transport to the worksite.

Consulting for choice and
purchase of equipment

Due to our knowledge about the latest gear and our good contacts to manufacturers and
resellers we can offer the best equipment for best possible prices and might even be able
to get sponsors for a project.

Basic training in tree climbing

If researchers need to access the canopy on there own,
Synusia Climbers can dispense him a basic training.

3 different levels of training:


Basic level: 1 day of training

The attendant is able to move savely up and down on a preinstalled rope with a specific
set up of gear. He can access the canopy with the help of a professional climber.
Scientist can act as a supervisior for the work in the canopy.


Medium level: 3 days of training

It covers rope installation, accessing the canopy, advancing and movements within the canopy, performing
self-rescue operations; scientist can perform simple climbing operations and field-work on his own
and act as a  supervisior for the work in the canopy.


Advanced level: 5 days of training

covers all basic skills for tree climbing;
scientist can perform more advanced climbing operations (recommended for example, when longer stays in the canopy are requested e.g. with a platform or a tent) in cooperation with the Arborfaktur we could even offer a official (german) certificate for the week.